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Welcome to Terran. This shows a portion of the current world which I run in my D&D campaign.

Caldor Village

The village of Caldor. The starting point to my campaing. It a village over run by  benign ghosts who have been trapped by a curse.

The party must find out what trapped the ghosts and if there is a way to remove the 'curse'

There are many other side adventures in this sleepy little village.

The Stone Circle

One of many stone circles found in Terran. They are ancient ruins built on the lay lines of magic by forgotten people.

They can be used to open portals to other worlds or just  to travel to another stone circle in this world.

For those that know how....

Wavemist Islands

Here there be pirates. Enjoy the swashbuckling life and let your inner pirate out.


Another map of Terran. Using different techniques.

Close-up Terran

A close up section of the Terran map for my campaign. Shows the Village of Caldor and the trade roads...

Cloudsail Islands

Cloudsail Islands ... an experiment in animations.